Double Your Chances Of Conceiving In 28 Days...
With The Fertility Cleansing Kit!


double your chances of conceiving

Facts About The Fertility Cleansing Kit:

  • 100% Organic and safe

  • Can be taken alongside fertility supplements

  • Doubles the effectiveness of any herbal remedy

  • Increases your fertility naturally

The Fertility Cleansing Kit can double your fertility and prepare your body for conception, by cleansing and strengthening the organs of detoxification.

This helps you to balance your hormones, and safely get rid of the toxins that cause infertility, or can be passed through the placenta to your unborn child.

What Is The Fertility Cleansing Kit?

It is 28-day herbal cleansing program consisting of organic and wildcrafted herbs that heal overstresed, toxic organs without side effects.

  • Colon Cleansing Kit - a 5-day colon cleanse that clears the large intestine to allow deep cleansing and maximum nutrient absorption to take place. Contains a colon correction formula and colon cleansing formula.

  • Liver Cleansing Kit - a 5-day cleanse, containing a gentle liver-cleansing tea and liver cleansing capsules to support the liver in getting rid of excess toxins, and helps the liver balance hormones and stabilize the weight naturally.

  • Kidney Cleansing Kit - a 5-day cleanse, containing a revitalizing kidney cleansing tea and kidney cleansing capsules to detoxify your kidney and give you the energy for conception, exercise and maintaining a healthy weight.

  • FREE Toxin Cleansing Kit - a 5-day cleanse, containing a heavy metal detoxification supplement to reverse the damage done by toxins, and a parasite cleansing supplement that gently gets rid of unwelcome pests and prepares your body for conception and maintaining a healthy weight.

  • FREE Product Manual - a physical book that outlines exactly how to do each cleanse, and gives advice on what to eat... and most importantly, what not to eat during your cleanse.

Each kit individually retails for $97, but when you buy the Fertility Cleansing Kit for $297, you get the Toxin Cleansing Kit for free. The good news is that there is enough in each cleansing kit for 2 cleanses, so you and your partner can do a cleanse together using just one kit!

What Can The Fertility Cleansing Kit Do For Me?

Here’s that the Fertility Cleansing Kit can do for you:

  • Makes herbal supplements such as FertilPlus or FertilAid work 200% faster

  • Rids the body of toxins that increase your risk of reproductive disorders e.g. infertility, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS

  • Helps the liver to recycle hormones, which can regulate menstruation and ovulation

  • Helps to detoxify drug-residues, nicotine, pesticides, heavy metals and parasites

  • Improves digestion and helps the body absorb nutrients more effectively

  • Assists the body to acheive a healthy weight - without cutting calories

  • Suppresses cravings and the desire to over eat

  • Boosts energy levels naturally

  • Can clear up embarrassing complaints such as intestinal gas and body odor

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Fertility Cleansing Success Stories

Pregnant At 46 After Trying For 14 Years

I have been trying on and off since I was 32. My problems included fibroids, heavy periods and endometriosis. I've taken Lupron, Clomid and have had some minor surgery to remove growths, but none of these helped me to conceive.

My husband thought it would be a good idea to try a herbal remedy and I thought, sure, why not? I got great results after just a few weeks. My next period was lighter and I lost a little weight and my sex drive increased.

It took me 5 months of taking herbal remedies but at last I'm pregnant. Just in time too, because according to my GP, I was starting menopause!

Modupe Kennedy, Galloway, Ireland

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